COVID Survival Guide

Ways to Grow

Read the Word daily.

Memorize Scripture!

Talk to God daily: Develop a rhythm and practice to be a man/woman of prayer.


Ways to Serve

Be a digital missionary:

  • Ask friends on social media how you can pray for them.

  • Share what God has been teaching you online.

  • Host a "watch party" with weekend services on Facebook

  • Share a daily word of encouragement on your social media accounts. You can tag us if you do that! 


Be a physical missionary (God has placed you in a neighborhood for a reason!): 

  • Go on a walk in your neighborhood. Pray for families as you walk by their house. 

  • Check in on the elderly in your neighborhood. Just remember to step away from their door when you knock on it (give yourself 6-8ft distance between you and the door). 

  • Host a 'Social Distance Hang Club' in your neighborhood. Set up a hangout with a fire pit in your driveway. Space the chairs out and provide s'mores. Use it as a way to meet other people that you've seen but don't actually know. Embrace the awkward and go for it! 


Pray for missionaries and church planters